Web Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO for Small Businesses

Convert your website into your top revenue-generating channel with a custom WordPress website and digital advertising strategy.

UI/UX FEATURES A Conversion-focused WordPress Websites for Marketers and Small Businesses

LeadGen Press conversion-focused website design

Unlock Infinite Design & Layout Possibilities with LeadGen Press

Enhance your website’s visual appeal and user engagement with our versatile UI/UX and design features, tailored for your brand’s needs.

Customized Template Build

We create a bespoke LeadGen Press template, aligning with your brand and harnessing the power of built-in lead generation features.

Responsive Display Across Devices

Our mobile-friendly landing pages ensure a seamless, engaging experience on all devices, from smartphones to desktops.

Dynamic Navigation Choices

Opt for a variety of navigation options to suit diverse display preferences, conversion goals, and tracking requirements.

Flexible & Modular UI/UX

Discover boundless design options with built-in displays like text, images, lists, cards, sliders, tabs, popups, and more to boost conversions.

Flexible website design UI and UX

Maximize Lead Generation with Built-in Marketing Tools

Unlock your website’s full potential with our powerful built-in marketing tools. Enhance lead generation through popups, gated content, and social proof to effectively drive growth and user engagement.

Website demand generation call-to-action popup

Use Popups to Drive User Engagement Boost Conversions Maximize user engagement and drive conversions with captivating popups, tailored triggers, and strategic placement, enhancing the user experience on your website.

Flexible popup content display options

Display different types of content in your popups, for different purposes; promote a resource or upcoming event, popup videos, lead users to the next piece of content, ask a user to contact your or join your newletter.

Multiple popup display triggers

Show popups based on user behavior such as time on page, exit intent, or scroll depth. Alternatively, use custom links to automatically present popups upon page load, personalizing the user experience to achieve your goals.

Strategic popup placement to drive conversions

Select from a variety of popup placement options to suit different scenarios and objectives. Choose full-page takeover or direct users to the next article with well-placed content cards as they navigate through your website.

Gated content for conversion-focused websites

Leverage Gated Content to Grow Your Email List Encourage users to provide their email address and other information through a form, granting them access to exclusive content in return.

Offer high-value resources behind gated forms

Place eBooks, research reports, guides, templates, and various downloadable resources behind a form to collect user emails in exchange for access.

Entice users with exclusive content

Provide access to webinars, video content, and expert interviews that are only available to those who complete the form, further expanding your email list.

Website demand generation call-to-action popup

Leverage Social Proof to Build Trust and Increase Conversions Enhance your website’s credibility and drive conversions with compelling social proof, showcasing customer testimonials, awards, and social sharing to foster trust and encourage user action.

Showcase Compelling Customer Testimonials

Feature authentic customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies to demonstrate the value of your offerings, helping visitors make informed decisions and reinforcing your brand’s reputation.

Highlight Your Achievements and Awards

Display your accolades, certifications, and awards, emphasizing your industry expertise and setting your business apart from the competition, boosting customer confidence.

Promote Social Sharing for Greater Exposure

Encourage visitors to share your content on social media platforms, expanding your reach and attracting new audiences, while building social proof and amplifying your online presence.

Website analytics and data-driven marketing

Website Experimentation Effortless Website Experimentation for Continuous Improvement

LeadGen Press places website experimentation at its core, enabling seamless integration with Google Optimize for efficient content and UI/UX testing. Drive ongoing improvements and optimize user experience with rapid iteration capabilities.

Flexible website design UI and UX

Search Engine Optimization Built-In SEO Capabilities for Maximum Visibility

Our SEO-optimized template is designed to enhance your online presence. By incorporating semantic markup, microdata schema, compression, and CDN, we boost performance and elevate your search engine visibility to reach a broader audience.

Flexible website design UI and UX

Measurement Precise Measurement for Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of accurate metrics and data analysis with LeadGen Press’s comprehensive measurement features. Monitor your website’s performance, track user behavior, and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategies and drive conversions

Discover the Power of a Conversion-Driven Website

Unleash your website's potential with our conversion-focused WordPress template.

  • Tailored to match your brand identity.
  • Seamless & engaging user experiences.
  • A/B testing to iterate and refine your website.
  • Responsive design for better user experience.
  • And much more...

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