Custom Trained AI Chatbots Made Simple with This Low-Code Solution

TLDR; ChatBase is a low-code chatbot platform offering easy setup, customizability, and safety features. Train the bot with your custom data set, craft its voice, visually align it with your brand, and ensure it stays secure. It's designed for efficient online engagement without the technical fuss.

Engage your website visitors effectively with chatbots.

Chatbots are a great tool for efficiently interacting with your website visitors, capturing leads, and/or guide users to resources, products, services, or social media, even when you're not online. With ChatBase, creating and deploying a customized AI Chatbot using ChatGPT becomes straightforward, and it’s fast – you can have it up and running in minutes, not days.

ChatBase isn’t just user-friendly in training; its deployment is a cinch. With convenient embed codes for websites and integration options like WordPress, Slack, and Zapier, setting it up is a breeze.

Trained On Your Custom Data Set

ChatBase makes custom data training simple with it's intuitive, simple to use dashboard. Provide it with your sitemap, select website pages, or let it scan your site. You also have the option to upload files (pdf, txt, doc), input text, set specific Q&A pairs, or even link to your Notion account. Once you’ve set everything up on the dashboard, a click starts the training. If you've got less than 1000 pages and a handful of resources, it's done in minutes.

The platform is designed to accommodate continuous learning, allowing you to seamlessly update and retrain your model whenever new data emerges. Whether it's integrating new website landing pages, incorporating additional assets, or updating text content, the process is straightforward. Just input the fresh data and initiate the retraining process with a single click.

Crafting A Unique Persona and User Experience

When it comes to digital interactions, it's the personal touches that often make all the difference. ChatBase truly understands this, offering a comprehensive set of tools tailored for customization. This empowers website owners to create a conversational experience that is both memorable and unique. Central to these tools is the capability to imbue your chatbot with a distinctive voice. Whether you're striving for a professional demeanor to engage a business-centric audience, or a more relaxed and approachable tone for younger users, the versatile Base Prompt (a foundational system message) is your ticket to molding the bot's persona. But ChatBase's vision goes beyond just responding; it's about addressing user queries in a style that mirrors your brand's essence and appeals directly to your audience.

Moreover, the Base Prompt's adaptability extends to functional adjustments too. Through it, users can define the chatbot's parameters, ensuring the bot is purpose-driven and nudges users towards specific actions or outcomes."

Customize the Chatbot To Match Your Brand

Beyond the bot's 'voice', visual aesthetics play a significant role in user engagement. ChatBase ensures your bot is not just functionally sound but also customizable to match your brand and seamlessly blend into your website. From light to dark themes, catchy initial messages, to a customizable chat icon, every detail can be tweaked to match the look and feel of your brand. Moreover, with choices in the alignment of the chat bubble and the ability to update the chatbot’s profile picture, you’re not just integrating a chatbot, you're weaving it seamlessly into the fabric of your site’s design. The attention to these visual details ensures that the chat interface is not just a tool but an extension of your brand's digital presence.

For businesses aiming to provide a proactive user experience, ChatBase’s auto-show feature is a game-changer. By setting up initial message pop-ups after specific intervals, brands can engage users at the right moment, ensuring interactions feel timely and intuitive.

Chatbot Safety and Security Features

In the online world, safety can't be an afterthought. ChatBase gets this. That’s why they've added features to make sure your chatbot stays on track and out of trouble. With the domain mapping feature, you decide where your chatbot can and can’t pop up. It's like giving it a home address and telling it not to wander off. So, no unexpected surprises of seeing your chatbot somewhere it shouldn't be.

Then there's the rate limiting feature. If you've ever had a tool or form get hammered with too many requests, you know how annoying that can be. Rate limiting keeps things in check. It sets a max on how many messages can come from one device in a set time. If someone or something tries to go overboard, they get a simple heads-up message. It’s a neat way to keep things running smoothly without overworking your chatbot.

It's Quick and Intuitive

Things move fast online, and to keep up, we need tools that do the heavy lifting without causing a fuss. ChatBase is right there, making it easier for businesses to chat with visitors, answer questions, and stay safe while doing it. With its mix of smart features and a focus on real-world practicality, ChatBase is all about getting the job done right. If you're looking to chat with your visitors and not get bogged down in tech details, ChatBase has got your back. Give it a go and see how easy it can be to bring your site to life.

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